Demo:  Demonstration Course

DRE Sponsor No. 4295

We are often asked, “How does your program work?”   This Demo Package is our best answer.

Whereas our 45-Hours Package consists of eight courses, this Demo Package has but one course.  After completing it, you will know the pattern to follow for each of our courses:  (Step 1) you read its textbook, (Step 2) you take its quiz, (Step 3) you pass its final.

The Demo should take you from five to ten minutes.  After you have completed it, you will know how readable and informative our textbooks are, how helpful our quizzes are in preparing you for the finals, and how easy our finals are to pass.

Our Demonstration Course differs from our 45-Hours Package in three respects:  (1) it’s free, (2) if you fail its final on your second attempt, we give you the answers on your third (so everyone passes!), and (3) we do not impose a “study period” ― the minimum number of days required for study before you may take your finals (four days for our 45-Hours Package).

After you pass the Demo course’s final, we give you a Referral Number for the 10% discount and a link to the registration page for our 45-Hours Package.)