ETHICS:  NAR®’s Triennial Ethics Requirement

DRE Sponsor No. 4295

This five-hour package is named after the legislation that required it – Senate Bill 263.

Anyone with a license expiring after this year (2022) or who subsequently renews late after this year must take these two additional courses to satisfy their continuing education requirement for license renewal:  (1) a two-hour course entitled Implicit Bias Training and (2) a “revised” Fair Housing course that includes an “interactive/participatory” component.

By December 1st, 2022, our 45-Hour Package will provide both courses with a precise total of 45 hours.  Any customer who registered for a 45-Hour Package before this date and has an expiration date after this year (or renews late after this year) will need both of the courses in this package to renew his/her license.  For all customers, we make this course available at no additional cost.

Implicit Bias Training — two hours.
Fair Housing — three hours.

This is the very same Fair Housing course as is currently presented but with an added “interactive/participatory” component which must be taken before taking this course’s final exam.  To take this component, you need only click the Scenarios button from your Course Work page as shown below.


Free to past enrollees.