SB 263: Required courses as of 2023.

DRE Sponsor No. 4295

This package is needed for any licensee who registered for our 45-hour package before this year (2023).  Such licensees must take two additional courses to satisfy their continuing education requirement for license renewal:  (1) a two-hour course entitled Implicit Bias Training and (2) a “revised” Fair Housing course that includes an “interactive/participatory” component.

This five-hour package is named after the legislation that required it – Senate Bill 263.

Implicit Bias Training — two hours.
Fair Housing — three hours.

This is the very same Fair Housing course offered in our pre-2023 45-Hour package but with an added “interactive/participatory” component.  To take this component, you need only click the Scenarios button from your Course Work page as shown below — it typically takes only a few minutes to complete.


Free to past enrollees.